Safe space

Safe space

We realize that the need of refugee and migrant women in particular for psycho-social, (medical) and legal support is great. And they want that support within a safe environment. They often have no support and no social safety net on which to rely and are therefore in a very vulnerable position. That’s why we decided to create a Women’s Hub. Women of all nationalities, religions, educational levels and backgrounds are very welcome here. It provides safety, comfort and support for women to heal trauma as the vast majority of our beneficiaries are refugees, migrant women and their children.

Organized in the Coöperatie Arbre a Palabre since 2015, the women now have their own place where they can help and inspire each other.

The goal of the Women Hub is to ensure that women have access to the information, support, social connections, space and resources they need to make choices, meet their needs, bond, to develop, survive and thrive in an atmosphere of security and trust.

Through non-formal education (workshops, courses, training), psychosocial support and other activities, our visitors are meant to feel empowered to actively participate in the programs and programming of the Women’s Hub. And especially to rebuild their own lives. The workshops and training courses we organize respond to the needs and requests of the participants and provide information, tools and support to deal with everyday stress.

We want women in this hub to have a voice, a sense of ownership, and the opportunity to contribute to their own developments and those of their immediate environment. It is a safe, welcoming, participatory space, where women feel a sense of belonging and respect.

The location offers many opportunities to work together as well as individually. There will therefore be regular group discussions in smaller or larger groups with the aim of supporting and stimulating each other in self-development and self-reliance that benefits themselves and their family members.


Training and Courses about Finance within women empowerment programs aren’t new. However, it remains a challenging topic when women don’t actually get access to finance, access to a job or gaining an income that allows them to become financially independent. Finance becomes a subject that make women feel unsafe

Through creating sessions, Kwetu aims to create tools and instruments that not only talk about finance but create an economic path for women to access to finance.

Through our Financial Cafes that are organized periodically, women from different sectors will have the opportunities to learn and exchanges experiences among each other as well as be guided in new ways of becoming financially independent.