Menti Space – every Tuesday.

What are Menti Space sessions?

What are Menti Space sessions? When you are looking for some kind of guidance as to how express it how you feel, then our Menti sessions might be the right place to start.

Deciding whether or not to disclose emotions can depends on many factors, including fear, feeling ashamed, when there is not a trusting relationship with therapist or health provider, then one may go away confused, hurt and unable to talk about it or unsure if one even have permission to talk about it with someone.

Our Safe Space aims at making you feel safe, through different sessions , activities and exercises, you gain confidence and learn to understand your emotions and how to deal with them.

With partners , you will get information and receive support in finding the right step to take towards your healing process

Next to it, daily walking sessions provided at Kwetu, will give the opportunity for one an one session